Comprehensive transcendence, the new second-generation GS8 is not listed to explode!

As the flagship model of Guangqi Chuan in the SUV market, Chuan GS8 has been launched for the first time in 2016. After the listing, the monthly sales broke through the month. In the autonomous high-end SUV market, the high-end SUV market has aroused a lot of waves, with milestone meaning, but also cumulative wins2.2 million car owners trust.

In order to further maintain product vitality, Chuan GS8 ushered in the second generation model. As a new replacement model, the new second-generation GS8 can be described as thoroughly blood-blood, a large product force upgrade, can see the determination of its strong return, with the changes in the times and the demand for consumers, now spread祺 新 升, under the benign circulation of quality, word-of-mouth and sales, I believe that the new second-generation GS8 is expected to become the next phenomenon model.

Strength, creating a luxury technology model for the first generation of GS8 has won the favor of many consumers with outstanding products.

This time, the new second-generation GS8 is fully rejuvenated to meet the new needs of the symmetry. In the design, the new second-generation GS8 uses a star diamond design language, and the front of the exhibition is very cut, and the opening and closing headlights, the luxury technology is exploit.

In the shape, in-inch super large central control screen and inch full bonding liquid crystal dashboard and two rows of 8 files 131 female royal loungers, etc. The mobile living room meets the needs of different consumers.

On the scientific configuration, the new second-generation GS8 is equipped with a comprehensive upgrade of super-interaction smart cockpit, with Ar-Hud, intelligent and intelligent auxiliary driving function, creating a full-time scene, an immersion intelligent interactive experience of the whole process, so that smart driving Really serve users.

At the same time, the new car configuration 27 active safety intelligence technology, with a comprehensive upgrade pedestrian protection and constraint system, providing all-round protection for the safety of people outside the vehicle.

On the first control combination, the new second-generation GS8 fuel series adopts the most important engine and the third generation of the third generation of the third generation of the AVDC shadow, the mixed series adopts the new fourth-generation enhancement version of the Thaima hybrid system, 0-100km / h acceleration time is only, NEDC working conditions fuel consumption / 100km, the ultimate conditions conditions can run 2022 km. Quality, condense 220,000 car owners trust the key to winning the user reputation is the quality first. In quality, Guangqi Chuanqi relies on the world’s first-class intelligent manufacturing system and the world’s first-class supply chain system, and continuously promotes the landing of QDR projects to ensure the quality assurance of Chuanqi GS8 full life cycle. The first generation of Chuanqi GS8 accumulated 20,000 hours of harsh unit durability test, and the new second-generation GS8 experienced more tests, the whole vehicle durable test reached 4 million kilometers.

In addition, the new second-generation GS8 has obtained the 2021 Chinese Top Ten Car Prize in China’s Body Conference, and the body structure is based on GPMA architecture design, achieving optimal capability and energy requirements.

It is this adhere to high quality, high security, and high service standards, Chuanqi GS8 wins many user reputation and obtains market recognition. Value, create brand sales to act as Chuanqi GS8 high hard product strength, naturally also cast high-value rate, becoming a trustworthy and strong support. On October 19th, the 58 car jointly announced the "China Auto Accounting Rate Annual Storm", Chuanqi GS8 won the first medium-sized SUV independent brand. Last year, Chuanqi GS8 also boarded the list of monographical SUV independent brands. The protection rate is not only the embodiment of the comprehensive strength such as brand product, cognition, reputation, etc., but also directly to the interests of consumers, the higher the ratio, the consumer is subject to the loss due to depreciation The smaller it.

Chuanqi GS8 two-degree Rongdeng in the SUV independent brand protection rate first, not only reflects the high recognition of the authority, but also can see the favorite and reliability of it.

At present, the Chuanqi GS8 family has received 2.20 million accumulated sales, and the number of domestic medium SUV is maintained. The new second-generation GS8 is not listed to explode, and it has also been confirmed by brand productivity, cognition, and regular reputation. Hot pre-sale, prices are pre-sale price of 10,000 yuan – 10,000 yuan, and provide two power selection of fuel series and mixed series. During the pre-sale period, Guangqi Chuanqi also prepared sincerity pre-sale Hao Li, allowing the new second-generation GS8 to book users to enjoy a leading high value.

1, 5 years / 150,000 kilometers of car warranty 2, the first car owner enjoy the power battery for life free worry-free protection (non-first car owners enjoy 8 years / 200,000 km warranty) 3, limited time up to 10,000 yuan replacement subsidies 4, limited time Up to 5,000 yuan financial interest (financial interest rate and replacement subsidy 2nd choice) 5, life free basic traffic 6, APP bookings enjoy the priority to write in the final: life is always facing the choice, suffering from suffering, many people are Unconsciously becomes a patient with difficulty choosing. At this point, trusts most people’s choices are psychological and become a relatively robust choice.

This kind of presence is present in all aspects of life, such as buying a car. In the case of a reason for the Chinese people’s car consumption, if a car can continue to sell, it is enough to explain that it has a strong product strength and market preservation rate.

And when its accumulated sales have a leading advantage in the industry segment, indicating that it is highly recognized by consumers. As the flagship of Guangqi Chuanqi flagship, Chuanqi GS8 is confirmed by the power.

Since 2016, it is born in cross-air, breaking 200,000 price ceiling in one fell swoop, and relying on the hard core strength of the lead.

Inherited the high quality, high value of the previous generation of GS8, the new second-generation GS8 comprehensive rejuvenation, with the leading staff of the leading technology, the power and the lesser, the luxury product strength, the new second-generation GS8 shows the comprehensive leading Brand, comparable to the high value of luxury brands.

The new second-generation GS8 will be officially launched in the fourth quarter of this year, and it is worthwhile to make a change in the large SUV market, which is worthy of expectation. Picture: Official, Internet Reprinted Remote: Network Original title: "220,000 car main reputation guarantees, new second generation GS8 is trustworthy" Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.