Sauerkraut and Bean Fried Rice Cake

Sauerkraut and Bean Fried Rice Cake

Fried materials: Shanghai rice cake (1 pack), edamame (appropriate amount), sauerkraut (appropriate amount), dried radish (small amount) Seasoning: salt (feed), sugar (mashed)Drive on the plates one by one.

  Wash the edamame, boil it in boiling water for a while, season with a small amount of salt, and remove.

  Heat the oil pan, add the sauerkraut to the pan and stir-fry, and add the dried radish.

  Add edamame and sauerkraut and stir-fry, you can put some water during this.

  Put in the rice cake slices, slowly fry until the rice cakes become soft, and season with a little salt and sugar.

  Good mother private wake up: 1.

Rice cakes tend to stick to the pan, so add more oil.


Edamame is more difficult to cook. You can cook it for a while before you cook it.