Yoga breathing keeps you awake at all times

Yoga breathing keeps you awake at all times

Today, yoga is popular all over the world, and it has become one of the few things to break the cultural barriers between East and West.

As far as its self-cultivation is concerned, it can simultaneously develop our bodies, minds and spirits; as far as its philosophical ideas are concerned, its open system is beyond the reach of many other philosophical systems.

  According to legend, there are seventy-two schools of yoga.

The Hatha Yoga we have today is a kind of physical yoga that focuses on the pursuit of physical health.

There are still many other schools, such as Bhakti Yoga with the theme of faith, Great Bright Yoga with the theme of pursuing inner peace, Tangtra Yoga with the theme of sex, and Yoga, the highest state of God, and so on.

  All yoga genres, their common foundation is the breathing method we are going to talk about now.

Breathing is also an important feature that distinguishes yoga from other fitness methods.

  According to the “breathing philosophy” of yoga, human beings must fully breathe in order to fully control their bodies and increase their spiritual strength. The essence gas, which is regarded as a vital element, is continuously input into the body, making the human body full of vitality and younger.Potential capabilities can be fully exploited.

Specifically, complete breathing can cause cross-section contraction, stimulate the activities of internal organs, and normalize the activities of various functions.

If you breathe unnaturally or incompletely for a long period of time, your physical changes will never recover.

  The ills of continuous incomplete breathing can be seen all around us.

For example, feeling a heavy head, being unable to concentrate, anxiety, loss of appetite, always drowsiness, and loss of thinking, etc., but most people fail to detect the root cause of this phenomenon, which is caused by incomplete breathing.

The expectation of memory loss is also closely related to breathing.

  The human brain is greatly related to breathing. According to experimental results, the brain’s breathing volume is 20 times that of non-exercising muscles. A brain of 100 grams consumes about 600 to 800 cc of oxygen per minute.

  Therefore, in nightclubs, movie theaters, and other public places with dirty air, due to the constant shallow breathing and the constant state of anxiety or anxiety, the lack of oxygen in the brain and the inability to fully exert brain functions, leading to thinking, judgment, andMemory decline.

Conversely, if you can breathe large and deep, and the brain’s breathing function is strong, on the other hand, the body can maintain a young state, and the two physiological aspects can also reconcile with each other and maintain a stable state.

  Therefore, people who need a brain more than ordinary people, such as students, entrepreneurs, etc., must especially notice that it is absolutely necessary to input a large amount of oxygen into the brain.

  According to animal experiment reports, chicks born four days ago have a breathing volume that is twenty times greater than chicks born eight days earlier.

  As you get older, you breathe shallower, and eventually develop the habit of incomplete breathing. After that, you will fall into a faint state.

It is too late for people to reach this point, so we must remind ourselves to take deep and large breaths at any time before this happens.

  As long as the key to yoga breathing is clear, no matter how old you grow, your brain will not be weakened because of this, but you can always stay awake and do full activities at any time.

Therefore, all kinds of adverse symptoms caused by incomplete breathing can be replaced by yoga breathing method.