Doctor Lu is an old man,So he just drank two or three cups symbolically,Niu Huiling is ok,But she is more gentle,Drink it in twos。Wang Youcai has a ghost in his heart,So he is ok,But not yet really drunk。

But he can act,Pretending to drink too much。To the end,Niu Huiling stopped a car for Doctor Lu,Let Doctor Lu go back first。
Where to eat,It’s downstairs in Niu Huiling’s room,So she is the most convenient person。She called Cuiying another car,Let Wang Youcai send her to the hotel。
Because reminding Ying to drink is a bit easier。Actually, Niu Huiling doesn’t need to arrange this,Wang Youcai had already thought about sending Huoying back。
A few minutes’ drive,Wang Youcai sent Huoying to the hotel where he was staying。Once in the room,Cuiying seems to be sober。She took Wang Youcai’s hand,Said drunkly:“President Wang!Thank you so much for this。You have to hurry up and pay for the money”
Hey!Isn’t this woman pretending?She looks drunk,But she can still remember it,This shows that she also pretended。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“Don’t always say thank you,Get something practical”
“up to you”Reminding Ying,And fell on the big bed,Then one turn over,Shows a big round butt in front of Wang Youcai at a glance。
Driven by the action of alcohol,Which group in Wang Youcai’s heart burst out。He took off both of his clothes,He threw himself on the big bed。
Urge Ying to roll around,Want to refuse yet welcome,The big wooden bed made a weird creaking sound overwhelmed,Night is no longer quiet。
the next day,And Wang Youcai who was dreaming was woken up by his cell phone ringtone。He opened his eyes sharply and took a look,There is no one around。I found out when I took the phone to answer the call,It’s already ten o’clock in the morning。
Niu Huiling called,Wang Youcai connected,Niu Huiling’s lazy voice came from inside:“Rich!I’ll be back in a while,What do you call”
Wang Youcai can tell from the phone,Niu Huiling must still be lying in bed right now。So he smiled and said:“Drive slowly on your way,I won’t come to see you off if I have something to do”
“it is good!That you’re busy!The progress of the project here when you are free,Still urge。We can say everything is ready,I only owe Dongfeng”Niu Huiling finished,Hung up。
Wang Youcai gets dressed,Searched in the room,I didn’t find any figure reminding Yingying。But on the coffee table, he saw the note that Cuiying left him“President Wang!I go first,You have to hurry up”
A few words,Didn’t say a word。Wang Youcai crumpled this note into a ball,Then I feel wrong,He shattered the note again and threw it into the trash can。
From the hotel,Wang Youcai only felt that his stomach was empty,When he was sitting down to eat in a small shop on the roadside,Suddenly I heard two people at the next table talking。
“Are you the only one who came out recently?Why did this Lu monkey disappear from the earth??I asked so many people don’t know”A man asked in a low voice。
And the other snorted:“You know a fart,He didn’t go in at all。People have been messing around outside。It’s just that I haven’t been back to Pingdu in the past year or two”