Zhao Tiezhu also saw Liu Mei’s heart and returned.。

Ask:“what happened?
Li Bo is coming back, you are not happy.?”
“no,I am afraid that Li Boss’s girlfriend knows us to make so much money.,Then grab business。”
“Bamboo,what are you thinking?
The business of people Li Boss is so big.,so many,I can see you this business.?”
Zhao Tiezhu looked a little speechless Liu Mei。
In the past, he also felt that Liu Mei was very changing.,Long-term,I didn’t expect this for a few days.,Liu Mei actually his eyes is so short.。
“What do you know,I naturally not afraid Li Boss.,But if her girlfriend has a relative,If you have anything, if you come to run a big cake shop??”
“Is this kind of thing that is not a matter of people??
When a personal affection。”
So Liu Mei said so,Zhao Tiezhu also responded。
“Wife,Don’t say,This kind of thing is also likely。”
“Then what do you say??”
“What can I do?,Waiting for the evening, you will give Li boss to Li boss.,By the way, look at their mouthpieces。”
“become,That tonight, let’s go。”
The two sorrows are very negative.,I am busy again.。
Du Rulan looked at Zhao Tiezhu two sweet looks,Also an envy。
Thinking of Zhao Pengyu’s heart is, it feels a cold。
With Zhao Pengyu so many years,In exchange, it is not a hurt.,Take a look at Zhao Tiezhu,People are more popular。
Especially she is now living here.,Those things that Zhao Tiezhu with Liu Mei at night,She can listen to one clear。
Not her deliberately,Instead, Zhao Tiezhu and Liu Mei are too big.。
That depressed sound,Let her can’t help but listen。
More,The more hardship her heart is。
“Lan sister,This big cookie, you help to send it to the village head.,Usually people also take care of us。”
I heard Zhao Tiezhu’s title,Du Rulan is also laughing:“Row,I will send it.。”
Said that she also took directly to the big cakes from Zhao Tiezhu。
When I took the big cookie,It’s hard to catch up with a good job.。
Zhao Tiezhu is also helping to help,At the same time。
This time I gave her.,Just met her hand。
Reason,She is old.,There is nothing to touch each other.。