These words of Xia Jian made Hu Huiru’s heart tremble.。She has been in business for so many years,The ups and downs are normal。When Dongsheng Group was running,I almost fell out once。Fortunately, she knows many people,With everyone’s help,She survived this difficulty。

Hu Huiru looked at Xia Jian from head to toe。She suddenly smiled and said:“President Xia!I promise you you can,But there is something on my side you must promise me”
Xia Jian knew it long ago,Hu Huiru would not agree to this easily。As for what she wants,He can’t guess at all。
“Conditional?Then say chant!I am not a stingy person, Xia Jian”Xia Jian said,Deliberately laugh out loud。
Hu Huiru looked at Xia Jian again and said:“Your side has just started,Presumably you don’t have a lot of work。So I would like to ask you to be our consultant for Dongsheng Group Pingdu。Come and go free,Just look at it indirectly,Give some suggestions”
“I’m afraid this will delay things!”Xia Jian said and shook his head。
He never expected,Hu Huiru would make such a request。But Xia really admires this woman。To know,These projects in Pingdu,Like his Xia Jian’s child,Nothing he is not familiar with。So Hu Huiru did this,Is indeed a wise move。
“Don’t refuse,No delay。I will pay you salary,And the dormitory you lived in in Pingdu,I still keep it for you,And send someone to clean it every day”Hu Huiru said,Can’t help laughing。
Xia Jian can’t sit still this time。He stood up,Look again at Hu Huiru, this beautiful woman。He laughed and said:“What do you mean?I wanted to do this a long time ago?”
“That’s not?These projects in Pingdu。Like your Xia Jian’s child,How can you let go。Of course,You are the most suitable candidate”Hu Huiru said this,Looking at Xia Jian with two eyes。
Xia Jian’s heart began to struggle。he thinks,He and a woman like Hu Huiru,Will never be friends。He just said that,He just wants to play emotional cards,It is difficult for Hu Huiru to agree to cooperate with them。I didn’t expect people to be more powerful than him。
I want to,Hu Huiru always wanted to dig Xia Jian to their Dongsheng Group。But Xia Jian just didn’t agree,Unexpectedly, the pit that Hu Huiru dug for him remained,She wants him to jump in。
How to do it?Don’t agree!This cooperation must be over,If you agree,Xia Jian was still led by Hu Huiru。