The Ministry of Education issued a plan: small citizens play a large energy in the country – People’s Political Consultative Conference

The Ministry of Education requires the effects of improving the pertinence and effectiveness of law, and promotes the top priority of the work of the work, and promotes the standardization and normalization of adolescent education. Pay attention to the goals, content, methods, and ways of promoting education system accurate law, classification and design, and explore menu formula. Transfer learning and implement the rule of law of the rule of law as an important political task, promoting the integration of Xi Jinping’s rule of law into school education; regarding the rule of law and the implementation of the law as an important part of cadre assessment evaluation, establish and improve the legal list of leading cadres; promotion heuristics , Interactive, inquiry teaching method, appropriate increase in the rule of law in the senior high school entrance examination, the proportion of the college entrance examination; promote the institutionalization of the Constitution, let every day are "Constitution Day"; encourage the Department of Engineers ( Series) Cultivating more of more professional rule of law education teachers, and strives to make each primary and secondary school teachers receive a rule of law education training at no less than 5 hours a year; incorporate adolescent education practice bases into social practice big classroom activities, strive to promote The students receive a lot of practice in the practice of the rule of law, and these truthful initiatives come from the Ministry of Education recently formulated the "National Education System to carry out the first five-year planning of the rule of law publicity and education (2021-2025) "(Hereinafter referred to as" planning ").

The comprehensive deployment of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period’s publicity publicity and education work is expected to make the targeted and effectiveness of the law, promote the quality and level of education system rule of law publicity and education. Students actively participate in the rule of law construction law is the basic task of governing the country according to law.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the central government to governing the country in accordance with the law, the law work should be in terms of targeted and effectiveness, especially to strengthen the education of the people of youth, and continuously enhance the awareness of all citizens’ laws and rules.

With the "small citizens" of the rule of law and the rule of law, it can be "large energy" in the whole country.

In November 2020, Shanghai, a special high-senior high school, Eastern University of Eastern China, suddenly received a letter from a letter from the National People’s Congress Standing Committee. It turned out that a proposal of the school was officially adopted by the legislature and wrote in the "Minor Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China". To this end, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress praised the law, usage, and actively undertake the behavior of social responsibility for the purpose of appreciation of the letter, the use of the benefits of the adolescents.

The legislative proposal of middle school students is adopted and revised to national regulations, which are not more common in the country.

In the context of the central government, it is more significant.

"The ‘public security organs of the 116th discovered that the guardian of minors in the implementation of domestic violence against minors should be monitored, ordered to pay their deposit and accept household education guidance. For refusal to accept family education guidance, You can confiscate the content of the margin ‘, given that each minor’s family economic conditions are different, it is recommended to modify education to education for guardians who have happened.

"This is the suggestion proposed by the Volunteer Team of the School Student Affairs Center of the East China University of Political Science and Law. Seeing that your revision opinion attaches great importance to and adopted, the small partners are encouraged:" Can participate in the protection of their legal amendments, they have seen the party And the people from all walks of life on minors, and at the same time, they have been in a unforgettable. "This is an amazing team.

They focus on school transactions, participate in school democracy management, draft campus standard draft, submit the school student meeting, discuss with the Student Congress, vote, and then officially submit to the school school meeting decision, signed by the principal, formally effective.

As of 2020, five campus norms such as the "Regulations on the Implementation Regulations of the East China University of Political Science and Law." They look at the social problems around the campus, try to learn and learn to bear civil society responsibilities. For example, they found that although the school gate of the school is officially opened, the intersection also installed traffic lights, but the intensification of the school gate and under the peak hours of the school gate did not improve, and the investigation report was written, and the report was later transformed into the CPPCC proposal. . They sounded in the Ministry of Education to seek opinions in the whole society on education disciplinary rules, and formed the suggestions and submitted and partially adopted.

Enhanced the peer-effective effects of law to governing the country according to law, dreaming of teenagers.

These "small citizens" in the secondary school of East China University of Political Science and Law plays an important role in social governance.

The Ministry of Education Policy and Regulation Division recently said that during the interview with the "Rule of Law Daily", the "Seventh Five-Year" publication period, the education system conducted in-depth development of the rule of law, focusing on improving the rule of law and the rule of law of the rule of law of the majority of cadres and students, promoting the education system The law has made a new progress. Today, the Ministry of Education launches "planning" on the basis of earliest "Seventy-five". "Planning" will adhere to the spirit of Xi Jinping’s rule of law, will continue to enhance the rule of treatment of education system as the primary task. Emphasis on the political direction, demanding in-depth study and implementing the practice of Xi Jinping, guiding the facilities and students of the majority of cadres and students to firmly move the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Highlight constitutional education as the core content, putting civil code education as a key content, and incorporating civil code education into the national education system.

At the same time, effectively enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of law, and focus on promoting the high quality development of education system rule of law. "Planning" will focus on the weight of young people as work, requiring the standardization and normalization of adolescent education, enhance the professional teaching capacity of the rule of law, combined with safety, disaster prevention and disaster relief disaster relief, preventing network fraud, etc. Incorporate the rule of law education into the scope of secondary and secondary schools, and carry out practical education in the rule of law.

Pay attention to the advancement of education system accurate law, demanding the goals, content, methods, and ways of classifying design and general, exploring the application of menus, and improving the applicability and effectiveness of law. The depth integration into the education system shall be governed according to law, and it is a good rule of law in the development of education modernization. "Planning" adheres to the principle of organic integration of law and law according to law, and requires the promotion of law and religion of law and religion to integrate the law into the education legislation process, and conscientiously implement "who is law enforcement who is the law" "Who manages the law"; Teaching and daily management, embodying students code, teaching rules, behavioral norms, and other management systems, establish and improve the study evaluation and reward and punishment of students ‘daily behavior; strengthen school minors protection, teachers’ professional ethics, education and punish implementation Learning publicity, regulation and protection of the regulatory documents, and teachers perform their duties according to law. Promote the construction of a multi-participation new pattern teenagership is the key population of education system.

Enhance the targeted and effectiveness of adolescents, what are the new requirements worth paying attention, new measures? According to the above person in charge, the first is to lead to the treatment of the rule of law of Xi Jinping.

"Planning" proposed, it is necessary to implement the learning and implementation of the rule of law of Xi Jinping as an important political task, and promote the integration of Xi Jinping’s rule of law into school education, incorporating the system of the law of the rule of law, teaching materials, teaching system.

Introducing the "Introduction to Xi Jinping ‘s Ideological Ideology" into the core must be trimmed by law, organizes the research and construction of law Marxist theory research and construction projects, supporting conditions for universities to open Xi Jinping, Xi Xi, the rule of law, Ideological public elective course.

Highlight constitutional education as the core content. "Planning" will regard constitutional education as the core content of education system, emphasize in-depth learning and publicity and publicity.

Promote the preparation and revision of the constitutional textbooks, and conduct a series of activities in the "Constitutional Constitution of the Students". Continue to carry out the "Constitutional Morning Reading" "Constitutional Morning Reading" and promote the institutionalization of constitutional learning and normalization. Highlight the role of classroom teaching. "Planning" seizes the important part of the construction of the teacher team, encourages the Department of Law, the Department of Law, and cultivates more professional rule of law education teachers, and promotes the increase in teachers and legal professional training programs. Law, education principles and other related content.

Promoting the school is mainly responsible for comrades. The research and formulation of all kinds of schools are mainly responsible for comrades, and the rules and regulations, such as rules and regulations, and explore the establishment of the relevant rule of law capacity evaluation system, and better enhance the school according to law. Adolescent education is a systematic project, requiring social aspects of concern. "Planning" highlights the new pattern of building multi-participated law, will carry out in-depth practice education as an important task, proposing to promote the construction of the legal education and education of young people and improve the relevant organization security mechanism. Pay attention to the promotion of the "Internet +" rule of law education, strengthen the construction of the people of the youth, promote the exchange of the school to strengthen the exchange of people, the people’s court, the people’s procuratorate, the public security organs, the judicial administrative organs and other units, and jointly promote the rule of law education. (Reporter Zhang Wei) Editor: Pin Hui.