The body Olympic power reduction renewal is the capital super league copyright basics

Visual China "China Economic Week" reporter Yinyi | Beijing reported: Zhou Qi’s price of 8 billion yuan is purely capital speculation, this price reduction will continue to be unexpected, which means that the market is returned to rationality.

In the total price of 11 billion yuan to extend the medium super copyright period to 2025, a sports industry researchers who are unwilling to disclose have said to the "China Economic Week" reporter. Previously, due to the body’s power considers the U23 issued by the Chinese Football Association (at least one of the 23-year-old players in the first player) and the foreign aid adjustment fee (the club’s signing foreign aid will reach a certain amount), and must pay the same price to the Football Association. A fee) The policy has affected the viewing value and market value of the Mid-Chao Event for a long time, and the body Olympics expresses the suspension of payment copyright fees, and re-discloses the copyright costs. After 7 months, the renewal is basically completed recently. It is alleged that in the new contract version, the body Olympics will receive the total copyright of 20162025 at the total price of 11 billion yuan. China Super Company subsequently reported to the Wudb Sports Media Co., Ltd., Zhongtai Sports Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Radio and Television, and Guangdong Radio and Television Station. A person who knows: Zhongxiao Sports and Guangdong Radio and Television Station, the current bid price is far below 8 billion yuan (editor note: five-star sports 4.3 billion yuan, Zhongxiao sports 4 billion yuan, Guangdong radio and television station billion), They should not bid at this time. As of the "China Economic Week" reporter, Zhongxiao Sports, Five-Star Sports and Guangdong Radio and Television have not released a better price than the above contract content.

The new contract or gag suspected? Allegedly, the new contract Austrian body-powered implementation period is divided into two sections, the first five-year price changes of 50 million yuan, after 5 years of copyright worth 6 billion yuan; after 5 years to pay stepwise manner, Austrian body of power per year Super company were to pay 1.1 billion yuan, 1.2 billion yuan and 1.3 billion yuan. The industry believes that the use of two new contracts are shrinking way, in addition to the value of copyright after 5 years seem not only 3 billion yuan, but also may have suspected at that time to prevent the other three companies bidding to challenge it.

At that time the other three highest bid was 43 million yuan, after the price change is still higher than it is now.

Then five years the price of 6 billion yuan, is not a small number, in the context of the sports industry now return to reason, the possibility of other companies bid is not large. But in fact, the Austrian body impetus for the new five-year copyright only paid 3.0 billion.

In fact invested 3 billion yuan for the five-year renewal of Super League copyright of this result, the Austrian body dynamic, whether satisfied? Dynamic, Austrian body to reply, "China Economic Weekly" reporter is: we have not yet officially announced the official matter, we stand at this time is not convenient, it will be announced after the official explained.

After the music, as the copyright battle to cool prices in 2015 was known as the first year of IP sports body Olympic super power purchased only 80 million yuan every year copyright copyright price is called price (previously Super calculated according to average annual price, only 5 years 1/20 8 billion yuan price). Under the influence of multi-party capital, corporate, public opinion, when the market value of sport copyright and copyright scarcity made overly optimistic estimate, but the end result is not as expected, of which the new media video copyright was most prominent. For example, the music, as the price of 2.7 billion won a two-year Super League media rights, but due to the small screen on the tournament and the atmosphere presents reasons such as insufficient, and the audience is no contention over the front of the TV. Statistics show that 2016 Super League on new media platforms ratings less than 200 million passengers, compared to television viewing trips billion. Informed sources told the "China Economic Weekly" reporter, Jiang Heping, when he was director of CCTV Sports Center clearly said that five years of 8.0 billion price is only one explanation is the capital, instead of the normal copyright purchase.

With the music, as the downturn, funding strand breaks and a series of events some time ago, no longer willing to capital copyright super hype continues to pay the price is also reasonable shrink.

The insider said. Ten several hundred million to buy Super copyright does not make sense, a year ten thousand games live, no super does not matter.

Sun Hongbin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of financial innovation in China after the capital injection for the music, as the $ 15 billion has been true for music as the sports business attitude, music, as the super sports do not buy on the very good, the other too expensive to buy less. Prior to December 2015, when he was music as the chief content officer of Sports Jianhong also said publicly that music, as the sport has for no less than one hundred sporting events copyright layout, including some popular items such as bicycles and golf.

With the music, as the loss of the AFC, copyright popular events of Super League, World Cup qualifiers in Asia Round of 12 ATP Masters and so on, indeed no other capital and business like show as strong passion for music, as the events of copyright.

Safeguard the interests of copyright business rules market basis having processed Austrian power raised another discussion renegotiate the price of copyright and the copyright term is caused by: a Super League place of effective management of the Chinese Football Association, when considering whether the obligation to adjust foreign aid policy and U23 the interests of the copyright’s? And different sports associations abroad, most of the sports association movement in our country is to have a certain management rights institution, in the course of sports reform, may be insufficient to get involved in copyright, sponsors and other market players interests. Students Sports Association (hereinafter referred to generally Association) it was suspected breach of copyright business is sued. Total August 2012, the advantages of media access to the University Football League (hereinafter referred Dazu League) copyright, the two sides agreed to cooperate conditions such as 90 days before the agreement expires, the advantage of the media according to the previous year agreement (date of the contract within 5 years) amount 5% deposit paid to the Association in general, the agreement will automatically renew to an agreement year.

In February 2017, to the advantage of the media in general play money and asked the Association to automatically renew, but was refused, the two sides will in court.

Affected by this, Dazu league was forced to operate without streaking sponsor of the situation.

Industry sources, generally Association refused to renew the reasons and advantages of the media is that of a corresponding rise in the market value of the sports industry.

In its contract with the advantage of the media in 2012, 5 years of cooperation costs only 3,000 yuan.

After the influx of capital in 2015, the sports industry product prices rose roughly Association expressed the hope that the new agreement increases year (2017 2022) to the overall cost of billion yuan, contract negotiations stalled, the Association generally has not been in this dispute when the end of the Dazu League awarded the right to operate Ali Sports. In fact, as early as 2014, the State Department had been introduced in the sports industry should fulfill the spirit of the administrative guidance document, on the market.

"Several Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption" clearly states, actively introduce social capital to host the event through the market mechanism. Push administrative agency separate separating the separation of management and accelerate Sports Industry Association and executive decoupling.

If we really want to revitalize the sports industry, associations must deal with the relationship with sponsors, suppliers and other market players Copyright accordance with the rules of the market, but also to really be in charge of their own race as a commodity in the market to treat. The aforementioned sports industry researcher told the "China Economic Weekly" reporter. "China Economic Week" 2018 9th Cover.