Stretching wide, kicking has fitness effects

Stretching wide, kicking has fitness effects

Looking back at her colleague, does she always pat her leg or slice it from time to time?

In fact, these simple exercises can consume 200 to 300 calories of displacement.

According to an article in the Prevention magazine in the United States, there are five major alternatives that can help you burn calories.

  Do sit-ups before getting up.

Just pull your blood pressure 25 to 50 times to your chest, you can consume 20 calories in 5 minutes, and speed up the abdominal blood circulation.

  Dancing while getting dressed.

When dressing up in the morning, don’t forget to shake your body at will. The shaking for half an hour can consume 30 calories.

  First class.

Don’t sit when you can stand.

You can burn 40% more calories.

So please stand while you answer the phone or gossiping at the party.


Find some movies that will help you keep laughing, and watch them every day. Not only is your mood good, if you laugh wildly for 10 to 15 minutes, this can consume 40 calories.

  Walk, walk around, or jog in the hallway.

Doing a little activity all day long, some kind of, going up the stairs without an elevator, running to the supermarket for shopping, these can help you consume 375 calories a day.