Stay beside them for a few seconds,Stare squint,Stared at Ye Xingkong for a few seconds,Walked quickly to the west gate of the villa。

Tian Lu didn’t pay much attention,Thought,Maybe today because of the rain, I put on Ding Kelan’s clothes,Everyone recognizes Ye Xingkong as their second master, right?。
Tian Lu and Ye Xingkong went out of the rolling gate,Chen Limu’s driver, Li De, was waiting there long ago,Send them home。
Tian Lu is grateful:Aunt Mu is really careful,Knowing we travel without a car,Also specially arranged for the driver to take home。
Contact through details,She was impressed by the behavior of the rich wife Chen Limu。
Mid-Levels Apartment West Entrance。Zhang Cheng, who met with Tian Lu and Ye Xingkong, strode into the villa building,Go upstairs and go straight to a living room。
There is an office area and study room in the living room,A short-sleeved dress,Ding Keyu, dressed in decent clothing, sits at the boss desk and chair,Focus on reading the information。
Zhang Cheng made him a cup of warm tea。Ding Keyu takes a sip,Fragrant cheeks,Very enjoyable,Gently put the cup on the table,Asked with a vigorous baritone:“What you said is true?”
“Indeed, they look exactly the same,Dressed exactly the same,I asked the family waiter named Xiaoyun,Is my fellow,she told me,Not the second young master at all,But a person who looks a lot like the second young master,The clothes on my body are after the rain,Madam changed him the second young master’s clothes。”
Zhang Cheng bent over slightly,Just like the eunuch in ancient times waiting for the emperor in a low voice,This person is Zhang Cheng, the personal waiter of the young master Ding Keyu。
Ding Keyu looks like a very handsome man,It’s just a bit of leakage between the eyebrows“Evil”And evil。
he“watch for”Eyes closed,Turn the cup in your hand,Speak clearly:“This old lady wants to find someone who looks like Ke Lan,Is there another picture,Or just thinking of others,For my own thoughts?”
Zhang Cheng helped analyze:“For now,Just for my own thoughts。”
Ding Keyu gritted his teeth,A few words popped out of the teeth:“I hope this old woman doesn’t play tricks,Just keep me safe,otherwise,Humph~!!”Between words,It’s not hard to guess the next words,Zhang Cheng understands,is not it“Let me live,Die against me”Voiceover?。
Zhang Cheng filled Ding Keyu’s cup of Chinese tea,Said:“Measure that Chen Limu can’t find any tricks,You just need to treat her on weekdays,Don’t care about her。”
Ding Keyu’s stiff face,Speak straightly:“Fortunately,I detoured back and stayed overnight,Otherwise, I won’t get this little lace news,There is actually like Ke Lan in the world,And in the same city,This is really strange,Although it has been determined that he is not Ding Kelan,But we can’t take it lightly,Take a moment to find out the true identity of this person,But don’t disturb him,So as not to be self-defeating。”