“There is alcohol and gauze in the drawer,You bandage her。Then go back!Otherwise it will be fatal”Wang Guilan holds her head in both hands,She sat on the sofa,So he ordered Wang Lan to chase away guests。

Wang Lan took out alcohol and gauze,He bandaged Wang Youcai’s wound,Complaining to Wang Guilan:“sister!Your heart is so cruel,How did you let someone go back in the middle of the night?”
“Still fart in the middle of the night!It’s six o’clock now,Another hour,It’s bright”Wang Guilan said angrily。
Wang Youcai glanced at Wang Lan,Then said to Wang Guilan:“How about this!I send Wang Lan,You don’t feel well after drinking too much,Just sleep in bed”
“You dare to send her off?”Wang Guilan,She’s really anxious。
Wang Youcai said with a cold smile:“What’s not dare to do,He hurt me,I’m forgiving him by not calling the police”
“You’re sleeping with someone’s wife,You have reason”Wang Guilan said angrily。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“Don’t blame me for this,Blame this wine。and also,We are all adults,What I did,I should be able to take this responsibility”
“Don’t worry,I will never turn to Song Xiaoniu about this,I divorced him sooner or later ”Wang Lan said,Stood up,She grabbed the coat on the hanger behind the door。While wearing,Go out。
Wang Youcai looked at the wound that Wang Lan gave him,Also picked up the jacket from the sofa and put it on,Then he put Wang Guilan on the bed and said:“The snow outside is thick,You just have a good sleep”
Wang Guilan wants to stay with Wang Youcai,But when I think of Wang Lan outside,This woman feels soft。She sighed and said:“You go!But this Wang Lan, you have to be careful,She is best at composing stories and people”
“Nothing!I’m not a three-year-old anymore。Just drank too much last night,Is there anything between us,I don’t even know”Wang Youcai finished telling this lie,Just walk away,He’s afraid to wear it。
At the alley,Wang Youcai saw Wang Lan who was waiting for him。Wang Youcai deliberately asked her:“Why don’t you go?”