Two people chat,Srssessing in the city。

As long as the map is marked by Fulan,Both people will look far away,Or enter observation。
When this activity is held halfway,Han Jiang and Bronia have received news from eight major cherry.。
The collapsed incident occurred in the outer city.,It is not far from the location of the bar.。
Fu Lai Deire and Lita have no intention,Eightwealth is just inquiring the current situation in Hanjiang.。
“Let’s go back first.。”
After the two rushed back to the bar of the outer city,I saw the mess of mess on the street.,The house on both sides of the street has standing a bunch of people.,Are looking out。
This crash is not very large.,In general city,Things to handle to the local warrant department within a few minutes。
But here,Have been half an hour,No one has come to handle。
Mantne Shahua and opposite Rose Flowers have no active movement。
Their current identity is the killer,Over Jianglong,No obligation to,There is no need to get these things。
As for the locals……
People living in the outside area are a group of hardships who can’t hold themselves.,How can someone else’s strength?,As long as you die, you can’t die.。
The range of collapse is not large,Probably only two football fields,The collapse is only one。
Person observed in the field,They are praying that collapse and the dead should not close to their direction.,Save people……just forget it。
The street is a piggyback“Long gun short gun”The reporter of the camera appeared,Exercise the local management official,Reverse entropy。
certainly,They are just waiting for the periphery,Not interested in entering the area。
“this matter,What do you do??”
Rita stands at the door of the flower shop at this moment.,Hanjiang, who is far from the Hanjiang who just rushed back。
Inside the zone that occurs at this moment,The scream of the crazy beast also has a survivor’s shout。
Han Jiang did not speak,Return to Bar with Bronia。
Eight Sakura sits up at the bar,She knows the movement outside,Ask Hanjiang:“Don’t you do it??”
Han Jiang thought about it:“You don’t have to go,I learned to disguise,I will take a look at me later.。”
“You are best not to act.,Can’t make a move with our identity。”
A warrior,Han Jiang has no way to look at the collapse,To hurt ordinary people without going。
This is even more such in Fu Lai Deire and Lita.,But can’t rank out。
If exposed to the identity,The damage caused by the law is more than the small destruction of this small destruction than the eyes.。
Fortunately, Han Jiang is good at camouflage,I don’t dare to say,Change your own breath,Roughness is still no problem。
Han Jiang changed one by one in just a few minutes,A pseudonym,Put your own makeup into a girl,Going out from the bar,Women’s clothing……In fact, it is very easy.。
When Han Jiang went out,Reverse entropy local operation department sent people to come。
A small team professional warrior,No waiting for Hanjiang,The collapse and the dead have been resolved.。
Only, they solved the collapse of the beast and the dead.,I didn’t go to the next step in the next step in the class.。
Han Jiangxin returned to the bar,As long as people have to save,Just don’t wear women’s clothes to think about what。
When Hanjiang re-replacement,After returning to the bar,Bronia and took the reappearance。
“What’s wrong,Is there a problem?”Han Jiangshun asked。